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Re: ITA: tetex-beta [WAS: Need a tetex-beta maintainer]

Nicholas Wourms <> writes:

>>   @tetex-beta
>       ^^^^^^^^^^
> I assume this is supposed to be @tetex-base?

No, the current package is tetex-beta.  I propose to do a new, dummy
release that depends on the new tetex-bin.

> Sounds good to me [though you might considier using the proper naming
> i.e. teTeX-bin TeXmf-base ] but I'll let others comment on how to make
> this transition smooth.

Package names should be lower case, if you ask me.  One of the things
that Debian got right.

> Can we have Xdvi (included in tetex) now that X11 is part of Cygwin?

Of course.  Note however, that xdvi proper is not included in tetex.
Tetex comes with a patched version for kpathsea, xdvik, which is a lot
less well supported than xdvi itself.

> In fact, you might want to partition the X11 parts into
> 'teTeX-X11-bin'.

I wanted to leave this issue for a while.  I'm not sure what's the
best way, but I certainly don't want to have some tetex package (eg
tetex-bin) depend on xfree (like the braindead debian package).

If you ask me, it would maybe not too bad to put xdvi and mfw in
tetex-bin; and have people figure out for themselves that they need
xfree to run those two.  How hard can that be?  People might expect
xdvi to come with tetex, after all.  I don't care too much, the list
(or the bugreports after) may decide, if it has a good opinion.

> Thanks for offering to take over Jan, perhaps you will then want to
> add lillypond to the official distribution, that way you'd no longer
> be required to maintain a fork distro...

Yes, that would be nice.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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