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Re: [ITP] libungif-4.1.0-1

Problem is.. what is libtool? 0=)
Well one of the reasons why I work on cygwin is just to learn... I guess it is time to do some google:libtool and go finding a FAQ/manual about it
(grrr, is down... I hope libtool manual's mirror at is fresh enough)
'info libtool' should help...
I don't like "info" interface, I'm not used to it yet, I do prefer the converted HTML pages 0=)

But you don't. If the package (that'd be you) includes a complete patch including all of the relibtoolized bits, then the end user need only "./configure; make'.
...but I used method two to package it, so people usn't using "./configure; make", just "./ all" and as I have modificed the script himself, nothing changes to people.
In my point of view requiring installed packages is better than including a 900kb patch, even if it's automatically generated, this if things are then not more compilated to people, and they aren't.


Lapo 'Raist' Luchini (PGP & X.509 keys available) (ICQ UIN: 529796)

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