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RE: Installation Classes for setup.exe [was RE: LibICE.DLL is a BIG problem]

> --- Harold Hunt <> wrote:
> > Michael,
> >
> > No it is not amazing that the default Cygwin installation does not
> > install
> > XFree86.
> >
> > Just read the Cygwin mailing list archives and notice how often people
> > bitch
> > about how large the default installation is already.  The default
> > installation continues to get smaller, rather than larger, as a result
> > of
> > all of this bitching.  Now we have reached the point where people bitch
> > about there being too much just about as much as people bitch about
> > there
> > being too little.  Thus, we have reached a nice stable point, and we
> > intend
> > to stay there.
> >
> > Harold
> >

For trivia's sake, such a point is known in the field of economics as a "Gaireto
efficiency", the converse of a Pareto efficiency.  An allocation is Gaireto
efficient if it is not possible to reallocate in such a way that at least one
person is worse off, without at the same time making one or more other people
better off.

That was an Econ joke.

Yeah, nobody laughed in Econ either.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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