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RE: rebase problem for cygcurl-2.dll still existing?!

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Some stripped .dll's corrupt on rebase, others don't.
What I'm wondering is if the recent thread about COFF file format and section sizes has anything to do with the rebase corruption that occurs?
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From: [] On Behalf Of Roth, Kevin P.
Sent: Tuesday, 16 July 2002 10:08 PM
To: cygwin-apps
Subject: RE: rebase problem for cygcurl-2.dll still existing?!

That would be no problem. However, I'm pretty sure someone on this cygwin-apps list instructed me initially to go ahead and strip the DLL. So could I get a third opinion? Should I remove the stripping? Should I rebase the DLL and then strip it (don't even know if this option makes sense or fixes Stipe's problem)? Does rebase need a change to be able to handle this case?


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From:   Stipe Tolj []
Sent:   Tue 07/16/02 4:36 AM

I guess I know what the problem is about your packaged cygcurl-2.dll.

In both current packages 7.9.6-1 and 7.9.8-1 you have packaged a
stripped DLL. It seems when you rebase a stripped DLL the resulting
DLL is corrupt.

Hence any DLL inside a binary package should *not* be stripped to be
able to rebase it.

Can you please repackage to a new 7.9.8-2 with a *non* stripped
cygcurl-2.dll and announce availability to cygwin-apps@??

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