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Re: Cygwin package of openjade?

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:


A few months ago Jon Foster and Markus Hoenicka popped over to the mailing list with some packages for docbook and openjade. I'd really like to see these included in the Cygwin internet distribution, installable by Cygwin's setup.exe, since the Cygwin User's Guide is built with docbook/openjade and right now developers have to cobble
together the parts.
The site:

right now has a openjade-1.3.1-2 Cygwin package (among many others).

What I'm wondering is, are you guys waiting on us to upload these, or
are these not quite ready for prime time yet? Thanks.

Joshua Daniel Franklin

The last time I checked, there were some packaging issues. If you will notice, he made tarballs with a "." in the path. For some reason, setup can't handle this and ends up sticking the openjade binaries in the folder usr/bin [instead of sticking it in bin/]. Of course since /usr/bin is a virtual folder inside cygwin, the end result is that Cygwin will refuse to acknowledge the existance of the openjade binaries. Otherwise, with some minor tweaking of teTeX and the addition of pdfjadetex/sgmlutils/sgmlutils-lite/docbook-utils, I was able to get a fairly decent docbook build environment set up. Jon's email is bouncing, so I've had no way to contact him regarding this...


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