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Re: [ITP] libungif-4.1.0-2

Lapo Luchini wrote:

What is the issue with the patch size anyway?
Even a 900K patch will shrink massively when bz2'd, and the user doesn't
have to look at the content of the patch.

It's not the size, it' a question of readability... for me, as a sample user, I would strongly prefer to know "ahhh.. all it is needed is to relibtoolize it!"

Followed immediately by a flurry of questions on the list "how do I relibtoolize" -- not everybody knows how to do this.

instead of "urgh, it needs applying 900kb of patches!!!".
Of course this could be otherwise solved with some comments in the libungif.README... but usually I prefer a "self documenting process" that a "obscure process plus oducmentation".
I see the need to hame 3 packages installed minor ni respect of the

Actually, it's more like 9 packages (10, now). the -devel versions of the autotools require the wrappers, and the wrappers require the -stable AND -devel versions. That's 9. Then there's the new libltdl3 package.

uncleariness of having a gigantic patch.

But that's me, and if everybody else thinks the other way is better I have no problems in doing ni the gigantic-patch mode.

Give in...strike down the small patch with all your anger, and your journey to the dark side will be complete...


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