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Setup.exe regression between and - versions narrowed to between 2.257 & 2.258

I have built setup versions 2.25{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}, and found that the
problem begins with 2.258.

cvs log ChangeLog output :-
revision 2.258
date: 2002/07/02 11:50:33;  author: rbcollins;  state: Exp;  lines: +11 -2
2002-07-02  Robert Collins  <>

        * (IniDBBuilderPackage::buildPackageSource):
        Clear out package selections when generating implicit source packages.
        * (PackageSpecification::satisfies): Implement.
        (PackageSpecification::_operators::satisfies): Implement.
        * PackageSpecification.h (PackageSpecification::_operators::satisfies):
        Worker function for testing versions.

And, indeed, these were the only source files changed:
U PackageSpecification.h

Hopefully this will help pinpoint the problem.

Below is my original bug report:

> I keep only [curr] versions of packages in my local cache. In 2.249, setup
> only show the version actually present on disk in the click through list. In
> 2.259, setup shows the [prev] version as well, and, if I try to install it, it
> removes the [curr] version of the package, and completes with _no error_,
> leaving the package uninstalled. ('The package' for my testing was unzip, curr
> 5.50-1, prev 5.41-1)

If anyone has any answers the the cvs question I asked, I'm still interested :-)


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