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RE: rebase problem for cygcurl-2.dll still existing?!

I've got my non-stripped package coming. The non-stripped DLL is about 350 kb larger, although after bzipping, it's only about 80 kb of additional network download (total of 546 kb in the .tar.bz2 file now).

Many thanks to those of you (Jason, Robert) who helped explain rebase to those of us who weren't in the know.

I have two additional questions:

1) strip.exe offers a "--strip-unneeded" option, which claims to strip all symbols "not needed for relocation". That sounds like what I want (strip some debugging symbols, but leave enough for rebase-ing to succeed?). However, after I tried that option, rebase-ing failed (with the ReBaseImage() error). Does this indicate a problem with rebase.exe (v1.18), or is this the wrong interpretation of "--strip-unneeded"? Is there any other method available to do a "partial" strip?

2) I could split off the development-oriented pieces of the curl package into a separate "curl-devel" package, which would save on disk space for non-developers. Should I take this step when the next version comes along? 


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