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Re: teTeX suite 20020530-2 available for testing

Nicholas Wourms <> writes:

> First, a *BIG* Thank You to Jan for taking on the teTeX stuff.

Thanks.  It took me quite some time (and it probably will take even
more very soon), and it was a bit of a setback that Jerome had to quit
at this moment.  We're gearing up for LilyPond 1.6, and I had hoped to
drop all silly customized stuff we have at, and try to
submit LilyPond for inclusion into Cygwin.

> Jan, we actually have the X windows GSView now,

That's grand.  Really!  How could I have missed that announcement.  Of
course I'll drop instructions for the Windows version.  This is the
biggest problem with Lily users on Windows (Cygwin -- users on Cygwin
I mean).  Sometimes it seems that they have the only operating system
ever, that doesn't come with a PostScript viewer.

> However, so far it looks good :-), but it'll take me awhile to sift
> through it.

Sure.  I've been working on -3 which has some little improvements, but
I'll wait a while and gather more info before making a new release;
it's so big.

> Perhaps you might want to do what Dario is doing with
> Ghostscript.

Ah, just an tetex-x11 package with *xdvi and mfw.  That makes some
sense.  Should it depend on Xlibs?  How do we handle dependencies
between X and Cygwin?
> Have it uploaded with the test-version tag and then make an
> announcement on the main list that it is available for test.  That
> way you'll definitely have more candidates available for thorough
> testing. Just a suggestion.

That was my intention (didn't the mail say so?), but there are some
small things that need to be OK'ed by cygwin-apps:

  * category
  * packaging
  * transition and package names

Of course, I don't want to delay getting a version into testing much
longer than necessary.


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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