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Diffs for setup.exe unattended mode


Attached are diffs to provide a basic unattended mode in setup.exe. Let me know if they need to be in a different format, or if I should be using CVS (I might need a hint or two though).

I used command-line options as follows:

-q --quiet-mode

Requests unattended mode. Setup will still stop and ask for assistance if it runs into a problem or if you haven't provided enough information.

-D --download

Downloads packages without installing them.

-L --local-install

Installs from a local directory.

-R directory

Specifies the root installation directory. (The long option is --root but long string options don't currently work.)

-s site

Specifies the download site. (The long option is --site but long string options don't currently work.)

-n --no-shortcuts

Disables the creation of the desktop and start menu shortcuts. (Not actually a new option but the implementation is different. I don't think the old implementation worked quite right.)

-N --no-startmenu

Disables the creation of the start menu shortcut.

-d --no-desktop

Disables the creation of the desktop shortcut.

There are some limitations:

1) There is no command-line option to set the local package directory. If Cygwin has already been installed I think the previous value will be remembered otherwise the current directory will be used. (Such an option could be added easily enough if anyone needs it.)

2) There are no command-line options to set the internet access options. To download in unattended mode you need a direct internet connection. (Again, it wouldn't be too hard for someone to add these options.)

3) The big one: there is no way to specify which packages to install. You can only install the default set. This won't be quite as easy to fix, I suspect it will need someone familiar with the package management system. It will probably also be necessary to extend the command line options code to support multi-valued options.

I haven't done extensive testing, but it seems to work.



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Harry Johnston,

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