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Re: Diffs for setup.exe unattended mode

At 06:55 PM 02/07/23, Robert Collins wrote:

It looks good overall. You should be using CVS to generate diffs, so
that you are generating against the latest code. Have a look at the page for CVS info
(follow the pointers) and if you need further assistance let me know.

Your patch looks like it was done against CVS though - so I'm not quite
sure of your query about CVS.
I worked it out enough to checkout and diff, but I wasn't sure of the procedure for checking in - I assumed anonymous access wouldn't allow it anyway, sounds like I was right.

> -R directory
> Specifies the root installation directory.  (The long option is --root
> but long string options don't currently work.)

Huh? In what sense don't they work?
I didn't have time to figure out exactly what was happening, but in my build at least the StringOption object returned an empty string when you used the long option name. (On the other hand my build was a lot bigger than the release build and I'm not sure why, so maybe it's something local - I did have to use gcc-2 to get it to build at all.)


Harry Johnston,

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