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Re: teTeX suite 20020530-2 available for testing

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

Corinna Vinschen <> writes:

Hi Corinna,

from your comments I'm unsure if you want this package to get uploaded
for public or not since you're already preparing an improved package...

Sure, I understand.  I was hoping to either get a bit more comments on
these packages (or the migration scheme), before asking for an upload.

The plan was, if problems would have been smallish, to uploade these
-2 marked 'test'.  If people would have noticed showstoppers already,
I'd integrate fixes into -3, publish and ask to upload that.

In the meantime, this -2 package has been downloaded as part of the
(to be removed rsn) LilyPond mirror install at some 25
times, so it probably works.

Anyway, at this time it's probably best to postpone this to after my
vacation, I'll be leaving tomorrow for 1.5 weeks.

Then, I can do the tetex-x11 split that Nicholas proposed, prepare the
-3 release, and ask for a test upload.

We could do the -2 upload now, so that -3 may even better, but I won't
be around to respond to problems; which might be not very


I've noticed 4 things so far:

1)I couldn't find an "upgrade-helper" package for the "texmf-2000...tar.bz2" package. I ended up having to uninstall it, before I installed the new packages. (Could be a showstopper to someone who didn't know any better).

2)A minor nit, but I don't get the "external source: textex-texmf" usage, seeing as how there isn't a tetex-texmf install package. In general, external source should refer to the source package of another installable package. I would probably rename this source package to "tetex-base-....-src-n.tar.bz2" and strip the "external source" directive from tetex-base's setup.hint. (Not a show stopper)

3)During postinstall, I noticed kpathsea couldn't find tcdialog(?). Is this intentional or should it have found it? (Don't know if it matters)

4)Another minor nit is that X11 stuff is not being installed in the /usr/X11R6 hierachy. I don't mean to create extra trouble for you, but some time down the line, splitting the X stuff into a separate packge which gets installed in the proper location would be nice. (Not a show stopper)

Also, does tetex need ghostscript libraries/configs/etc. during any phase of compiling? If so, you might want to grab the new ghostscript 7.0.5 from one of the mirrors and dump in your cygwin tree.


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