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Re: gcc-3.2 C++ ABI and packaging c++ libraries [was Re: [ITP]: Berkeley DB v3.1]

> B)If possible, I'd like to know what the tentative plan might be for the
> gcc-3.x release.  Are we going to stick with gcc-3.1.1 for awhile or are
> we going to dive into gcc-3.2?  In either case, roughly when would you
> like to have the new gcc go gold?
'read the message list archives' *snicker*
I am pretty sure that decision looked pretty strong on Chris waiting for the
branch re-naming/abi fix checkin and releasing 3.2 instead of 3.1.1 ever
going past test.  Should be sometime next week hopefully ... since the gcc
types said they were going to do the branch renaming as soon as 3.1.1 was
out ... and that is RSN. (ummm ofcourse i might of missed italready , I
delete most of the gcc mail without reading it)
> I believe the second question should be on the minds of anyone who is
> maintaining or plans to maintain a package with c++ libraries.  Correct
> me if I am wrong.
certainly not wrong :P
> Cheers,
> Nicholas


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