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Other format: [Raw text] ques, new version of cygwin-doc

I'm getting close to a new release of the cygwin-doc package and have a few 

First, cygwin-1.3.12 doesn't include /usr/info/libc*info. It's 
been mentioned on cygwin@ but no one seems to know if this was done on 
purpose or not. I notices that /usr/info/configure*info and /usr/info/
are still in the cygwin package. If libc*info aren't returning, I can put these
in cygwin-doc without too much trouble. I can also put the /usr/info/ stuff
mentioned above that still IS in cygwin-1.3.12 and we could coordinate with a
new cygwin release that removes these also. (The only advantage I see is that
it would make the cygwin package, and therefore the default install, smaller.)

Secondly, I've got together perl scripts that create newlib-man pages. I have
been planning on putting these in cygwin-doc, but again I need to coordinate
something to "obsolete" the newlib-man package. Can anyone give me some hints
on how to do this? I thought about simulaneously releasing an empty newlib-man
package that required cygwin-doc, but I don't know if the order of install is
reliable--I wouldn't want the uninstall routine for newlib-man to uninstall 
(clobbered) man pages from cygwin-doc that have the same name as old newlib-man

Third, I'd like to put the HTML User's Guide in /usr/doc/cygwin-doc/html and,
iff the Start Menu/Cygwin directory exists, put a link to it there. Is messing
in Start Menu/Cygwin verboten or anything?

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