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Re: migrating cygwin-mingw-gcc branch

 --- Christopher Faylor <> wrote: > I'll be creating a new
cygwin-mingw-gcc-3_2-branch as soon as
> the main gcc 3.2 branch, which has just been created, has the
> ABI patchset applied.
> Then I'll create a new gcc 3.2 for cygwin within a few days.
> I won't probably won't take cygwin's gcc 3.2 out of "test" status
> until the main gcc 3.2 release occurs.

Chris.  I've been testing the exceptions-across-dll-boundaries patch and no
problems with mingw.  Just complete successful bootstrap with newly merged 3.2 
branch with patch and reg test in progress.  I've done less testing with cygwin
builds. I've modified to minimise modifiaction of the cygwin or mingw runtime
(the initializer is called by a ctor function in crtend.o, rather than from
__main) but still needs the support of a module to initialize the shared
pointers  I've kept that as separate startup module (crtS.o) for now, because
it eases testing with -fno-exceptions switch, and the same module works for
both cygwin and mingw.

Do you want this in cygwin for initial 3.2 test releases, or do you wish to
wait?  I am keen to get this into mingw quickly because C++ dlls, but am
mindful of keeping -mno-cygwin dll's compatable with 'native' mingw dll's. 

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