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Re: migrating cygwin-mingw-gcc branch

On Sat, Jul 27, 2002 at 01:30:04PM +1000, Danny Smith wrote:
> --- Christopher Faylor <> wrote: > I'll be creating a new
>cygwin-mingw-gcc-3_2-branch as soon as
>> the main gcc 3.2 branch, which has just been created, has the
>> ABI patchset applied.
>> Then I'll create a new gcc 3.2 for cygwin within a few days.
>> I won't probably won't take cygwin's gcc 3.2 out of "test" status
>> until the main gcc 3.2 release occurs.
>Chris.  I've been testing the exceptions-across-dll-boundaries patch
>and no problems with mingw.  Just complete successful bootstrap with
>newly merged 3.2 branch with patch and reg test in progress.  I've done
>less testing with cygwin builds.  I've modified to minimise
>modifiaction of the cygwin or mingw runtime (the initializer is called
>by a ctor function in crtend.o, rather than from __main) but still
>needs the support of a module to initialize the shared pointers I've
>kept that as separate startup module (crtS.o) for now, because it eases
>testing with -fno-exceptions switch, and the same module works for both
>cygwin and mingw.
>Do you want this in cygwin for initial 3.2 test releases, or do you
>wish to wait?  I am keen to get this into mingw quickly because C++
>dlls, but am mindful of keeping -mno-cygwin dll's compatable with
>'native' mingw dll's.

I would like to get this into cygwin ASAP, too, Danny.  If you add it to
the existing 3.1 branch, it will be copied over to the 3.2 branch

I haven't missed a message wrt the ABI compatibility merge have I?
We're still waiting for that, right?


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