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Re: ITP: pwgen

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Hack [iso-8859-1] Kampbjørn wrote:
> John Morrison wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've got pwgen hosted (it compiled ootb).  I'm unsure as to whether it has
> > any dependancies, I did cygcheck -v pwgen and it only used the cygwin dll
> > (which, if I remember correctly shouldn't be listed as a dependancy...?)
> >
> > Hope this is OK.  This is my first attempt to use Method 2.
> This got my vote.

Good :)  I didn't know if others would find it useful.  It's in the
debian distro.

> > setup.hint:
> >
> /usr/doc/pwgen-2.02 directory.

I know.  But I couldn't figure out the Method 2 script to get this to
work :(

> You could also work a little more on the build dependency: only cygwin?
> What about gcc, binutils, make, ash, perl, sed?

gcc and make (for sure :) are only required to build it.  I don't believe
this makes them dependencies.  As for the others; I ran a cygcheck -v
pwgen and the cygwin dll was the only thing listed.  I google'd for ages
and couldn't find a method of finding out dependencies and I'm not that
familiar with the code.  If anyone can help tell me _how_ to work out
dependancies I'll be happy to add them.


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