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RE: ITP: profile

> From: Gerrit P. Haase []
> Hallo John,
> Am Sonntag, 28. Juli 2002 um 13:18 schriebst du:
> > After (much ;) discussion with Rob here's the first 'release' of the
> > profile package.
> > If anyone want's to suggest modifications for these files, for example
> > DIR_COLOR, key binding..., please send a message (and patch ;) to the
> > list.
> Ohoh, user environment stuff, that will cause much more discussion;)
> I have attatched a patch against your version and my complete
> /etc/profile(.default).

It looks strangely similar to my work one.  I thing we must have
found the same source!

I've uploaded the next generation (is different from setups version
which I'm proposing to be the first one)

This version _isn't_ yet for use.

I also don't know how to indicate to the user that this package has
changed.  Should it copy the current profile to, for example,
profile-old-`date`?  Should it do anything at all?

> Also the DIR_COLOR stuff should be global in /etc/profile (IMO),

I'd rather it be a seperate file, but that's easy to alter either
way :)

> plus a global inputrc.  The creation of /etc/inputrc is in
> /etc/profile now, but may also be just an
> export INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc

I'd rather /etc/inputrc *not* be exported as its presence
overrides a user one not the other way round:

"If you create /etc/inputrc, note that Bash will ignore

(taken from your link below).  My preference is for the
bash package to add it to /etc/skel (see my posting on the
delete key :)

> in there and include the complete file in the package.
> Also I would be interested to know who is 'mwe' who did this
> profile stuff which I copied.

Me too.

> # example /etc/inputrc
> # see:

again, this should be part of the bash package.


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