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Skel files

Corinna or whom it may concern ;)

If/when the 'profile' (name may change) package gets the green
light it will have support for a /etc/skel directory.  This
directory (in case you don't already know) holds so called
skeleton files which get copied to a new user's directory.

The copy operation is usually done as part of adduser, however,
since cygwin doesn't actually add users to the system the
home directory creation is done in /etc/profile.  As part of
this operation I'm going to get it to cp /etc/skel/. $HOME

These files are for users to modify to suit themselves.  However,
I believe that it would be of benifit for shells (and anything
else with similar functionality (eg XFree86?)) to add some
.default files to help newbies (I can add functionality to
filter the package .defaults out of the copy).

There.  Quite long and slightly rambly.  However, what do
people think; aye or nay?  The copy _will_ be done as part
of $HOME creation, default files would be a bonus I believe.

Some of the files I have on my system which I believe could
have defaults...



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