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I'm close to having cygwin-doc-1.1-1 ready. I don't know if the problem
I'm having now is my problem or with the package. I thought it was ready
to go, but I attempted to make my own setup.ini at

and I kept getting errors from setup.exe ( I was getting
"Download incomplete" until I played with the size parameter a bit.
Then, just at the end of installing, I would get "Installation error
(XXX), Continue with other packages?" where XXX is some random non-
alphanumeric characters.

I'm posting this here since I think the problem is with my setup.ini
and/or with the empty newlib-man package. If someone could confirm this
and/or tell me how to do it properly, I think these are ready to upload.
Here is the file I used:

setup-timestamp: 1022023722

@ cygwin-doc
sdesc: "Cygwin-specific man-pages and documentation"
ldesc: "The man pages for Cygwin, including the intro pages,
cygwin utilities, and api reference. Also the Cygwin FAQ and
User's Guide in HTML and text formats.
category: Doc
requires: cygwin man gzip sed newlib-man cygutils
version: 1.1-1
install: release/cygwin-doc-1.1-1.tar.bz2 198222 91f8d2b4f55a890214dab27b0a6bb638
source: release/ 86137 72c26509eaf58e517e99cedfd390280b

@ newlib-man
sdesc: "Man pages for some system functions"
category: Doc
requires: man cygwin-doc
version: 20020731-1
install: release/newlib-man-20020731-1.tar.bz2 124 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

The full URLs to the files are

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