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Re: Updated Package: Whois 4.6.6

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Mark Bradshaw wrote:

> I've got new whois 4.6.6 packages ready for upload.  They are built against
> 1.5.0, so I guess they need to be set as Test packages.  The URL is:
> Mark Bradshaw


You'll need to set the packages up as test packages yourself, in your
setup.hint.  You could probably do it by simply adding the

prev: 4.5.15-1
curr: 4.5.17-1
test: 4.6.6-1

lines to your setup.hint, but I may have missed something.
Also, it looks like you're using this as an opportunity to upgrade the
package to a new upstream release, as well.  You may want to first release
the new version compiled against 1.3.22, and then release 4.6.6-2 compiled
against 1.5.0.  Again, it's your choice as the maintainer.
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