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[Ready for test/1.5.0] NEW package: cygipc-2.00-1

Yes, it's finally happened.  I've made cygipc into an official package (I
hope I haven't jumped the gun on this one; I THINK I had list approval
for this...there was this huge thread an' all...)

Some notable differences between THIS release and the older 1.14 version:
MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is NOT compatible with 1.14 AT ALL.  projects
compiled against libcygipc(1.14) will NOT work with the daemon from 2.00,
nor vice versa.  HOWEVER, the two daemons CAN both be installed -- and
run -- on the same machine simultaneously. (* see developer's note,

1. daemon is now called "ipc-daemon2.exe".  It uses a different namespace
for its /tmp files, and a different namespace for its global objects.

2. Use 64 bit key_t

3. Use the ftok() exported by cygwin-1.5.x; don't provide private

4. remove ipck, ipcs, and ipcrm from the distro (now provided by

5. remove semtool, shmtool, and msgtool (have been in cygutils for a

6. Much improvement in the shm code (Michael Haubenwallne)
     a. shm handles forks
     b. shm works better with multiprocess (the whole point, after

7. General bugfixes (Joe Buehler, MH)

8. semctl(SETALL) now conforms to the standard (MH)

9. semctl(GETALL) implemented (MH)

10. semaphores now persistent until explicitly removed, or system
reboot/ipc-daemon shutdown. (JB)

11. Automatic removal of /tmp/MultiFileXXX files on [normal] daemon
shutdown (MH)

12. installs into /usr/* instead of /usr/local/*

This is a lot of changes; I expect growing pains.  But, it's a .0
release, so what did you expect?

Oh, and one other thing: I STILL expect that eventually, cygipc will
become obsolete, and that cygserver will replace it.  I am fully
committed to helping make cygipc obsolete...
  Charles Wilson
  cygwin at removespam cwilson dot fastmail dot fm

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