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Re: exim-4.20-2

Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> Did you re-compile libgdb3 and openssl for these or are they linked against the
> old packages?
> >
> >
> >
It's linked against the old libraries because I believe there
no interface change. It works fine with the old libraries and
also with the new openssl.
By the way, exim-4.20-1 also works fine with the new openssl. 
I will test both 4.20-1 and 4.20-2 with the new libgdb3 (when 
available) before sending a general announcement, just in case...

In other words
                                   Rebuild your package.
                                         Run it.
                             +--------Does it work?--------+
                            /                               \
                           No.                              Yes.
         See if it relies on DLLs or libraries     Send announcement to
         which export an interface which           cygwin-announce.
         has changed.                                       ^
          /                      \                    XXXXXXXXXXXXX
     It Does                 It Doesn't               XX   exim  XX
Notify the package        Time for Debugging          XX    is   XX
maintainer via                                        XX   here  XX
cygwin-apps.                                          XXXXXXXXXXXXX


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