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Re: [SetupXP] PropertyPage::OnInit

Robert Collins wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 23:33, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> I would like to propose NOT moving the global font settings into
>> PropertyPage::OnInit, and consequently not requiring "Call base class
>> OnInit()" changes in all derived classes.
>> Since the font settings are *already* set up to fail silently if the
>> relevant control is not present, I don't think we need or should give
>> derived classes the ability to override this, especially when it adds an
>> extra burden, which could be accidentally omitted when a new page was
>> created.
> Max, I appreciate the reviews you are doing. May I suggest that
> submitting the various component patches that make up Gary's work is the
> best way to review each aspect of it...

Looking at my original message again, I see what you mean - I really didn't
give enough background at all.

I will let Gary comment this issue first. If he doesn't agree with me, I
will pull out the relevant bits of patch to give context to this discussion.


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