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Problem building Setup.exe


I downloaded the Setup.exe program from the CVS
sources.  Then in order I did the following:

./setup/configure -C --enable-dependencies
--disable-shared --host=i686-pc-mingw32
--build=i686-pc-cygwin 'CC=gcc -mno-cygwin' 'CXX=g++
-mno-cygwin' --enable-maintainer-mode

The bootstrap was successful, but the configure was
not.  Here is the error.

checking dynamic linker characteristics... Win32
checking sys/cdefs.h usability... no
checking sys/cdefs.h presence... no
checking for sys/cdefs.h... no
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for string... (cached) yes
checking for string.h... (cached) yes
checking getopt.h usability... yes
checking getopt.h presence... yes
checking for getopt.h... yes
checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes
checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... no
updating cache ../config.cache
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating \
.infig.status: error: cannot find input file: \
configure: error: /bin/bash
'.././setup/libgetopt++/configure' failed for

Could somebody please tell me what the problem is?


Christian Gross

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