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Re: antiword-0.34

Hallo Igor,

> I've looked at the binary and source packages.  In the binary package, is
> there a reason antiword.1 is duplicated in both usr/share/man/man1/ and
> usr/share/antiword-0.34/?


> The script in the source package doesn't give you any options for partial
> make, and doesn't accept the parameters of the generic_build_script (e.g.,
> "all", "conf", "prep", "make", etc).  I don't know how important that is,
> but thought I'd mention it.
> Another, much more important thing is that the script builds files on top
> of the root filesystem (i.e., installs directly into /usr/bin, etc) --
> IMO, the source package should NOT place anything in the root hierarchy,
> that's the job of setup.exe; the source build should be contained in the
> source directory.  Because of the latter I didn't build from the source.


> Oh, and the script is not space-in-filename friendly.


> FWIW, I had to make a change to the wtf Makefile to allow the DESTDIR
> parameter in the "install" rule, so I know it's not that much work.
> Especially since you're providing a Makefile.Cygwin yourself in the patch.
> I'm attaching a preliminary patch to your script and patch -- I tried to
> catch all the places that modify the global hierarchy, but please verify
> that.  HTH,
>         Igor

All fixed.

Many thanks for your review and the patch.  I'll remember to address
these issues in future.


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