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RE: Updated: xerces-c 2.3.0-4

2.1.0 should definitely be removed.
2.2.0 should probably be removed, although it is the previous product
release (Your guess is as good as mine)
2.3.0-1 should be removed
2.3.0-2 is pre-cygwin 1.5.0
2.3.0-3 is built against cygwin 1.5.0 (e.g. prior to later fixes, such as
fdopen64.. I don't know if it's relevant)

The only differences in the 2.3.0-x version is the cygwin dll they were
built against.  Picking the prev version feels kind of tricky because the
cygxerces-c dll exports c++ classes, which I think is important if they are
build against different versions of gcc.

Looking at what a couple of other packages do, I think that 2.2.0 is
probably the best candidate for prev, and remove the rest.


-----Original Message-----
There are a number of stale versions in the directory, more than the three
setup supports. Of the versions:
which should be removed? i.e. should 2.3.0-3 or 2.2.0-1 be prev?

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