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Re: Vote for nfs-server

On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 12:33:03AM -0400, Daniel Reed wrote:
>On 2003-10-15T23:48-0400, Robb, Sam wrote:
>) > I pulled what's posted now and did a quick auto-review:
>) Auto-review?  Do you have a script that does some packaging
>) checks?
>I have automated some of the tasks I perform before upload, including a
>minimal set of packaging checks: Check for bindir, sbindir, libdir,
>includedir, libexecdir, datadir (share), sysconfdir (etc), sharedstatedir
>(com), localstatedir (var), infodir, mandir, docdir, and cygwindocdir
>(Cygwin) to be in the expected locations. If any of them are not, it tries
>to look for them in an unexpected location. If it finds a possible hit, it
>raises a warning ("I think I found a layout problem"). It also checks for
>the Cygwin-specific README and the required package documentation to be in
>the expected locations.
>That's it for the moment. I have a few "real life" things going on right
>now, but if anyone is interested in discussing a more formal [possibly
>automate-able] review process, that might be an interesting project. I'm
>thinking (in terms of automation) about checking included .exe's for library
>dependencies and verifying setup.hint matches; those sorts of checks.

I think it would be neat if package proposal and upload all came from
a standard script that did sanity checking before uploading.  The cygwin-announce
message could also be rolled into this script.


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