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Re: AW: [Patch] Resizing fixes

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 03:25, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> The first one is to split the list into two parts: a category window on the
> left side and a package list on the right (like yast on suse linux) and
> second a search field to search for a specific package.

re: splitting - that sounds possible. I'd prefer to retain the existing
screen layout for smaller screen real estate PC's. The chooser probably
needs tweaking to allow two instances, and for a choice in the
categories instance to switch the content of the right instance. (Or
just the position).

re: a search button. To do this, I suggest a pop up chooser with the
search results, this needs the same multi-instance redesign of the

> 2. the package windows does not need a horizontal scrollbar, because the
> package informations are printed on the window bottom when selecting a
> package, this reduces the needing scrolling operations to read the package
> info. In short: The user does see more information at one time.

This doesn't follow from what you described above. I presume it's a yast
thing? No objection here.

> (1) this icon could be toggled through install (with choosing the requested
> releases), uninstall, reinstall, upgrade,...
> (2) I don't think that it makes sense to add a install, uninstall button for
> each category. Makes it sense to install *all* databases or *all* editors ?
> I don't think so. Upgrading all packages in this category makes more sense,
> i think.

it does make sense to install or uninstall everything in some sections.
I.e. Base. Or Development. 

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