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Setup and downloading software...

Sorry if this has already been requested, but I didn't notice it in the list
from the CVS Readme, or other stuff as far as I can tell, and please forgive
me if the below one covers this too.
Recently Completed
*Multiple mirror support, with setup.ini from each merged automagically

I am currently in the process of downloading Cygwin using the setup program,
and chose multiple mirrors. I know they are getting used if one fails, but
it doesn't seem like the setup program stripes the download across multiple
sites, which would be nice as it would speed up the download for those of us
operating off modems (56k or slower).  Perhaps this could be something for
modem users as an option.

I understand this may not be a very high priority as many people are
probably using Broadband now, but I know I would appreciate it, and I
imagine many others would too.  I know this wouldn't really be much of an
issue except that I've noticed in my downloads that I average between 1.7
and 2.6 kb/s on my 56k modem, which is about 1/3 of the rate I could
theoretically get. (Most of my downloads for other sites are around 4 to 6
kb/sec.) I figure this is because the sites are so busy, and I figure that
striping the downloads could help to speed some people up to help alliviate
the sites of those users.

Any how, it's just a thought!


Benjamen R. Meyer

Real Programmers use C, Assembly, and Ada.

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