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New package: suite3270-3.2.20-1

Daniel, et. all,
  This is a re-proposal of a package set for a suite of 3270 emulators.
I've given it much thought and reorganized things based on various
peoples suggestions.

The suite is composed of one base package, suite3270-3.2.20-1, and
several independent binary packages which reference the base package:







I've decided to not prefix each emulator with the base package name.
This is in keeping with how this suite is distributed in other
distributions.  If people can find them there they can find them here the
same way.  Each emulator is a distinct and separate binary package.  This
means the name space will be scattered, but I feel this is how it should
be.  People looking for 'x3270' will be looking for it under that name,
not under a prefixed name of 'suite3270-x3270'.  Each emulator has a
specific purpose and usage and is only slightly complimentary to each

I'd like to address a problem Corinna encountered while reviewing a
previous incarnation of this suite:

On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Btw., I tried a test of the binary c3270.exe.  From the man page I
> got the impression, the emulator should be able to connect to any
> telnet server.  I don't have a OS/390 machine handy so I used the
> telnet server on Cygwin to connect to.  But it fails.  It connects
> and it shows a login prompt.  Then the password is requested by login(1),
> the same as running a standard telnet session.  But for some reason
> I'm always getting a "Login incorrect" message.  When connecting with
> a normal telnet client, I can login, so I don't quite understand how
> this is supposed to work.  Any hint?

This appears to be a CR/LF issue on the telnet server side of things.  A
trace shows that on the client side, a Return sends only a CR (the
default key code for a Return).  But, for whatever reason, the telnet
daemon is sending a CR+LF to the login program's input stream, so it sees
"userid^M" instead of "userid", which, obviously won't work.  Same goes
for the password.

It could be a weird interaction having to do with ipc pipes and how
carriage control is done, or perhaps it's one of the telnet protocol
options (eg: crlf) causing carriage control to be translated into CR+LF.
Unfortunately none of the 3270 emulators lets you set any of the normal
telnet options which might help control this behaviour.  This is largely
because most of these options are ignored once a 3270 mode is negotiated.

For what it's worth, I've connected to other unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris)
telnet servers, which apparently do not have this problem.  Only with the
Cygwin telnet daemon does this appear to happen.  A debug session of the
telnet daemon and/or login would be needed to diagnose things further
(something I don't really have the time to do).

If you wish, at the login and password prompts, press Ctrl-J (<LF>)
instead of Return and you can successfully login.  However, you can't do
all that much after logging in, unless you happen to have a termcap entry
for 'ibm-3279-4-e' :)

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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