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RE: non-setup information in setup.hint (was Re: Maintainers/Packages List, 2003-11-22)

On 2003-11-25T20:53+1100, Robert Collins wrote:
) I'm not sure why this is "non-setup" information. Both binary only (no
) source: entry for a package), and Maintainer are setup.ini fields.

Were you suggesting using Maintainer: and relying on setup to ignore it?
(Neither nor seem to define a
Maintainer: field.)

The idea behind binary-only was to have some deliberate action, so we would
not have to rely on a lack of action. That is, a lack of source: could be
because the package is not built from sources, or it could be because the
packager left out external-source: (or forgot to upload a source package).

The current attributes I use in apps.xml are:
  binary-only  (no lack-of-source checks)
  ignore-before=X  (ignore new versions less than or equal to X)
  ignore-freshmeat  (for Cygwin-specific packages)
  maintainer  (just the name)
  obsolete  (binary-only+ignore-freshmeat+no out-of-date checks)
  related-to=X  (the directory this package goes in; libdb4.1-devel is
                 related-to db4.1, which is related-to db)
  withhold  (do not display in the PPL/MPL)

Plus, I include URLs, dates for proposals, votes, reviews, etc., but those
are probably things I should continue to maintain independently.

Daniel Reed <>
"I don't believe in making something user friendly just for the sake of
being user friendly, though; if you're decreasing the users' available
power, you're not really being all that friendly to them."

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