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pre-PPL rundown

Things have been a little hectic lately, and I stopped the automatic PPL
until I had a chance to review all of its information. I just finished my
mini-audit and believe the PPL is accurate, though certainly very long.

Package tcm (Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling) has been in the list since
January of this year. It only received votes from two people, one being cgf
(who voted twice). It has received a "good to go" from Charles Wilson, but I
am not sure its layout has been approved.

tcm is an X application, and Harold handles the X tree, so I will leave
final authorization up to him. If he uploads it (or tells me to upload it
outside of release/XFree86/) it will be removed from the PPL automatically.

Packages ploticus (plots and graphs) and sgrep (SGML grep) are from
September. They both need more votes and someone to provide a functionality
review. I do not believe there are any other issues waiting, so once they
have met these procedural obligations I can upload them.

Package distcc (spread gcc builds across multiple machines) is from October,
and has a number of minor problems that remain unaddressed. It also has not
received a functionality review.

Package libsmi (I believe it is related to SNMP), also from October, needs 3
likeminded individuals to agree it would be a good idea to distribute with
Cygwin, and someone to review its functionality.

Package otcl (Tcl hooks for object-oriented programming), also from October,
is offered by the XFree86 maintainer, and is therefore vote-exempt. However,
he has asked for a functionality review.

All remaining packages are from November.

Package tclcl (related to otcl) is also offered by the XFree86 maintainer
and is waiting a functionality review.

Packages rdesktop (an implementation of Remote Desktop Display), tzcode
(related to timezone handling), cabextract (tar for .cab files), joe (a text
editor), rxp (an XML parser), and gnuplot (seems to be competition for
ploticus' spot) all need additional votes and functionality reviews.

I have determined the information for the PPL can not be reliably extracted
from the list archives unattended, but I will continue to use the new script
to help automate pulls, auto-reviews, and uploads.

If I appear to have have misstated (or missed) anything, please let me know.
I will send out a PPL tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, then resume the normal
Tuesday/Friday schedule either this Friday or next Tuesday.

Daniel Reed <>
Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to
bruise than polish. -- Anne Bradstreet

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