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Re: [ITP] sqlite-3.0.7

* Fri 2004-12-31 Gerrit Haase <gp AT> INBOX.list.cygwin-apps
| Jari wrote:
| >   -#    elif defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__) || defined(__MINGW32__) || defined(__BORLANDC__)
| >   +#    elif defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32) || defined(__MINGW32__) || defined(__BORLANDC__)
| It works ok using the default interface with Cygwin, there is no need to
| define OS_WIN.

| >  gcc -Wl,--base-file,.libs/cygsqlite-0.dll-base
| > -Wl,-e,__cygwin_dll_entry@12 -o .libs/cygsqlite-0.dll  attach.lo
| > auth.lo btree.lo build.lo copy.lo date.lo delete.lo expr.lo func.lo
| > hash.lo insert.lo main.lo opcodes.lo os.lo pager.lo parse.lo
| > pragma.lo printf.lo random.lo select.lo table.lo tokenize.lo
| > update.lo util.lo vacuum.lo vdbe.lo vdbeaux.lo where.lo trigger.lo
| > btree_rb.lo
| > /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/3.3.3/../../../libcygwin.a(libcmain.o)(.text+0x7c):
| > undefined reference to `_WinMain@16'
| > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
| > make: *** [] Error 1
| This is because the included is old.  Try updating the
| libtool files.

I upgraded from 1.5.10 to 1.9f with setup.exe, but it still gives this
error. Is there something I'm missing? I'm attaching the patch I'm
using now for (sqlite 2.8.12).


--- sqlite-2.8.12-orig/	2004-02-08 16:41:36.000000000 +0000
+++ sqlite-2.8.12/	2004-12-31 19:17:58.000000000 +0000
@@ -26,14 +26,20 @@
 # will run on the target platform.  (BCC and TCC are usually the
 # same unless your are cross-compiling.)
 # Some standard variables and programs
 prefix = @prefix@
 exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
-LIBTOOL = ./libtool
+LIBTOOL  = ./libtool
+LIBTOOLL = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=link
+LIBTOOLC = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=compile
+LIBTOOLI = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install
 # Compiler options needed for programs that use the TCL library.
@@ -42,7 +48,8 @@
 # The library that programs using TCL must link against.
+LIBTCL = /usr/lib/libtcl8*.a
 # Compiler options needed for programs that use the readline() library.
@@ -178,16 +185,16 @@
           | awk '{print $$5,$$6}' >last_change	$(LIBOBJ)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -o $(LIBOBJ) ${RELEASE} -rpath $(exec_prefix)/lib \
-		-version-info "8:6:8"
+	$(LIBTOOLL) $(TCC) -o $(LIBOBJ) ${RELEASE} -rpath $(exec_prefix)/lib \
+		$(LIBTOOL_LDFLAGS) -version-info "8:6:8"	tclsqlite.lo
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -o tclsqlite.lo \
+	$(LIBTOOLL) $(TCC) -o tclsqlite.lo \ $(LIBTCL) -rpath $(exec_prefix)/lib \
-		-version-info "8:6:8"
+		$(LIBTOOL_LDFLAGS) -version-info "8:6:8"
 sqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@:	$(TOP)/src/shell.c sqlite.h
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(READLINE_FLAGS) -o sqlite $(TOP)/src/shell.c \
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(READLINE_FLAGS) -o sqlite $(TOP)/src/shell.c \ $(LIBREADLINE) -rpath $(exec_prefix)/lib
 # This target creates a directory named "tsrc" and fills it with
@@ -210,22 +217,22 @@
 	cp $(TOP)/tool/lempar.c .
 btree.lo:	$(TOP)/src/btree.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/btree.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/btree.c
 btree_rb.lo:	$(TOP)/src/btree_rb.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/btree_rb.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/btree_rb.c
 build.lo:	$(TOP)/src/build.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/build.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/build.c
 main.lo:	$(TOP)/src/main.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c ${INCOREFLAGS} $(TOP)/src/main.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c ${INCOREFLAGS} $(TOP)/src/main.c
 pager.lo:	$(TOP)/src/pager.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/pager.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/pager.c
 opcodes.lo:	opcodes.c
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c opcodes.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c opcodes.c
 opcodes.c:	$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c
 	echo '/* Automatically generated file.  Do not edit */' >opcodes.c
@@ -241,10 +248,10 @@
 	  awk '{printf "#define %-30s %3d\n", $$2, ++cnt}' >>opcodes.h
 os.lo:	$(TOP)/src/os.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/os.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/os.c
 parse.lo:	parse.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c parse.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c parse.c
 parse.h:	parse.c
@@ -274,80 +281,80 @@
                  $(TOP)/src/ >sqlite.h
 tokenize.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tokenize.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c
 util.lo:	$(TOP)/src/util.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/util.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/util.c
 vdbe.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(VDBEHDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c
 vdbeaux.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(VDBEHDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c
 where.lo:	$(TOP)/src/where.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/where.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/where.c
 copy.lo:	$(TOP)/src/copy.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/copy.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/copy.c
 date.lo:	$(TOP)/src/date.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/date.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/date.c
 delete.lo:	$(TOP)/src/delete.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/delete.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/delete.c
 expr.lo:	$(TOP)/src/expr.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/expr.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/expr.c
 func.lo:	$(TOP)/src/func.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/func.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/func.c
 hash.lo:	$(TOP)/src/hash.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/hash.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/hash.c
 insert.lo:	$(TOP)/src/insert.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/insert.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/insert.c
 random.lo:	$(TOP)/src/random.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/random.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/random.c
 select.lo:	$(TOP)/src/select.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/select.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/select.c
 table.lo:	$(TOP)/src/table.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/table.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/table.c
 trigger.lo:	$(TOP)/src/trigger.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/trigger.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/trigger.c
 update.lo:	$(TOP)/src/update.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/update.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/update.c
 vacuum.lo:	$(TOP)/src/vacuum.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) -c $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c
 tclsqlite.lo:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
 pragma.lo:	$(TOP)/src/pragma.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/pragma.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/pragma.c
 printf.lo:	$(TOP)/src/printf.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/printf.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/printf.c
 attach.lo:	$(TOP)/src/attach.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/attach.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/attach.c
 auth.lo:	$(TOP)/src/auth.c $(HDR)
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/auth.c
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/auth.c
 tclsqlite:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -DTCLSH=1 -o tclsqlite \
+	$(LIBTOOLC) $(TCC) $(TCL_FLAGS) -DTCLSH=1 -o tclsqlite \
 		$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(LIBTCL)
 testfixture@TARGET_EXEEXT@:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(TESTSRC)
                 -o testfixture $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \ $(LIBTCL)
@@ -450,11 +457,13 @@
 	mkdir -p doc
 	mv $(DOC) doc
-install:	sqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@ sqlite.h
+install:	sqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@ sqlite.h tclsqlite
 	$(INSTALL) -d $(exec_prefix)/lib
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(INSTALL) $(exec_prefix)/lib
+	$(LIBTOOLI) $(INSTALL) $(exec_prefix)/lib
+	$(LIBTOOLI) $(INSTALL) $(exec_prefix)/lib
 	$(INSTALL) -d $(exec_prefix)/bin
-	$(LIBTOOL) $(INSTALL) sqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@ $(exec_prefix)/bin
+	$(LIBTOOLI) $(INSTALL) sqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@ $(exec_prefix)/bin
+	$(LIBTOOLI) $(INSTALL) tclsqlite@TARGET_EXEEXT@ $(exec_prefix)/bin
 	$(INSTALL) -d $(prefix)/include
 	$(INSTALL) -m 0644 sqlite.h $(prefix)/include
 	$(INSTALL) -d $(exec_prefix)/lib/pkgconfig; 
@@ -476,7 +485,7 @@
 sqlite.dll: $(LIBOBJ) sqlite.def
 	dllwrap --dllname sqlite.dll --def sqlite.def $(LIBOBJ)
 	strip sqlite.dll
 #target for dll import libraries
 implib: sqlite.lib 
diff --unified --recursive --new-file --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Author.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Date.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Header.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Id.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Locker.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Log.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Name.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]RCSfile.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Revision.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]Source.*[$]' --ignore-matching-lines='[$]State.*[$]' --exclude=.deps --exclude='*.gmo' --exclude='*.Plo' --exclude='*.Tpo' --exclude='*.Po' --exclude=config.cache --exclude=config.log --exclude='*.cache' --exclude='*.[zZ]' --exclude='*.arj' --exclude='*.bz2' --exclude='*.gz' --exclude='*.rar' --exclude='*.tar' --exclude='*.tbz' --exclude='*.tgz' --exclude='*.zip' --exclude='*.zoo' --exclude='*.o' --exclude='*.lo' --exclude='*.a' --exclude='*.la' --exclude='*.sa' --exclude='*.dll' --exclude='*.dll.a' --exclude='*.exe' --exclude='*.bin' --exclude='*.gif' --exclude='*.ico' --exclude='*.ICO' --exclude='*.jpg' --exclude='*.png' --exclude='*.pdf' --exclude='*.xpm' --exclude=.inst --exclude=.sinst --exclude=debian --exclude=tmp --exclude='*.BAK' --exclude='*.bak' --exclude='*.cvsignore' --exclude='*.dvi' --exclude='*.log' --exclude='*.orig' --exclude='*.ps' --exclude='*.eps' --exclude='*.rej' --exclude='*.stackdump' --exclude='*.swp' --exclude='*.tmp' --exclude='*.TST' --exclude='*.tst' --exclude='*[~#]' --exclude='.[~#]*' --exclude='.emacs_[0-9]*' --exclude='.nfs*' --exclude='[~#]*' --exclude=a.out --exclude=core --exclude=CVS --exclude=RCS --exclude=.svn --exclude=SCCS --exclude=MT --exclude=sqlite -x sqlite3.h sqlite-2.8.12-orig/src/os.h sqlite-2.8.12/src/os.h

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