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Re: multiple Unison packages?

> The archive format is an on-disk thing, and not really relevant to
> compatibility.
> The reason for the (overly) strict initial version check is to avoid
> need for versioning or compatibility in the protocol that follows the
> initial greeting.

Ah, okay.

> Debian seem to be packaging just the current stable 2.9.1.

True, but they're lagging.  2.9.1 is fairly old, and there have been
some substantial bug fixes since then.  I wrote to the current Unison
maintainer for Debian a few months ago, and asked whether he planned to
package a later version.  He said yes, but first he had to fly around
the world and then write a PhD dissertation.

I wonder which version other major distros are using.  I can look into
that.  If the major distros are all stuck in 2.9.1, then I guess I can
just package 2.9.1 and everyone will be able to talk to each other, at
least until the <a href="";>deadlock
bug</a> kicks in.

> I suggest following their example, and trying to convince the upstream

> maintainers that their current compatibility scheme is extremely
> packaging-unfriendly.

Fair enough, but Unison development has "officially" stopped, which
means that a new feature in the Unison protocol is unlikely to be
implemented any time soon.

OTOH, maybe I can convince the developers that it's time to release a
new stable version, including the many bug fixes since 2.9.1.  Then we
can prod everyone else to upgrade to that.

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