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Re: multiple Unison packages?

Hash: SHA1 wrote:
> More versions means that more people can use Unison, but also more
> archive storage space (unison-2.10.2-3.tar.bz2 is 400KB,
> unison-2.10.2-3-src.tar.bz2 is 515 KB), and more screen space in the
> setup utility taken up by almost-identical packages.

Any chanche that "most of the files" are identical from version to version?
In that case you could create a "unison-base" package and 4-5 "small"
packages with maybe only the main executable.

BTW: but does the protocol REALLY change ni EACH version? It seems that,
even not wanting to be retro-compatible, it would have more "sense" to
have a "protocol version2 and require that THAT be identical instead...
But oh well, if you say that developement has stopped, I guess there's
no canche.

BTW2: but if developement has really stopped, won't this program bit-rot
pretty fast?

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