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felis 1.0

Hello, this is my first time here, so please correct me if I am not doing it right.

I would like to submit felis-1.0 as a cygwin package. Here is the setup.hint file (between the ====s):

# felis 1.0
sdesc: "Displays one or more files as a single line of text"
ldesc: "Similar to the Unix cat utility, felis dumps the contents of one or more files
(or, those of stdin) to stdout.

Unlike cat, felis will strip any leading and trailing white space. It will
also replace any other white space with a blank. If several white space
characters appear in a row, felis will combine them into a single blank.
If more than one input files are specified on the command line, felis will
insert a single blank between their contents.

See for further details."
category:	Text Utils
requires:	cygwin

It was quite simple to produce a package, so I have made one and posted it on the web temporarily. Please let me know if you download it, or if you decide not to include it, so I remove it from the web. And, of course, if I did not do it right, please let me know so I can correct it.

The files are:


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