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Re: felis 1.0

At 08:58 PM 1/10/2005, Brian Dessent wrote:
Does this really need a dedicated program?  Can't you achieve the same
thing with a perl or awk one-liner?  Such as:

perl -ne 'print "$1 " if(m/^\s*(.*)\s*$/)' < input

The need for a dedicated program to do this escapes me... and this is
not in debian so you will find a slightly more uphill fight to get it
accepted.  The fact that the manpage demonstrates it in the context of
bulk emailing does not shed a particularly good light on it.

Interesting. To my mind, why would anyone want to write a perl script every time he needs what this program offers when there is a dedicated program and all you have to do is type its name.

Not all bulk emailing is bad. I wrote it back when I was running a subscription newsletter. Whenever someone subscribed to the list, his email was appended to a file. If he unsubscribed (though that actually never happened), it would have been removed from the file. And I used exactly the script mentioned in the man page to send the newsletter.

Not useful? It has been in the FreeBSD ports collection for years. And pair Networks has it installed in /usr/local/bin for all of their customers to use. So someone beside me has been using it. :)


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