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Please upload: gd-2.0.33-1/libgd2-2.0.33-1/libgd-devel-2.0.33-1


Please upload at your earliest convinience. setup.hint's have been changed.

-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

mkdir -p gd gd/libgd2 gd/libgd-devel

cd gd

cd libgd2

cd ../libgd-devel
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------

A graphics library for fast image creation


* Update to latest upstream release.

* Cygwin specific patch for GIF conversion utilities is not needed 
  anymore, as these files are included upstream again


What's new in version 2.0.33?

Version 2.0.33 restores compatibility with older releases of Freetype 2.x in 
addition to the latest release. Thanks to John Ellson and the graphviz project.

What's new in version 2.0.32?

Version 2.0.32 restores correct detection of Unicode character sets for freetype 
fonts, which repairs a bug that prevented umlauts from displaying properly. 
Thanks to John Ellson and the graphviz project. Also, version 2.0.32 builds 
all test programs smoothly in the absence of libpng.

What's new in version 2.0.31?

A minor type naming conflict prevented bgd.dll from compiling, and it was left 
out of the distribution as a result. This has been corrected.

What's new in version 2.0.30?

2.0.29 did not compile correctly when freetype was not available. This has been 
corrected. Thanks to Alessandro Ranellucci.

What's new in version 2.0.29?

    * A 32-bit multiplication overflow vulnerability reported on the Bugtraq 
      mailing list has been corrected, along with a number of similar issues. 
      These bugs come into play only when attempting to deal with images with 
      extremely large dimensions. The relevant functions now fail gracefully 
      when such extreme parameters are specified. The code in question is also 
      correct for systems with larger bit depths. Thanks to Phil Knirsch, Alan 
      Cox and infamous41md. Since exploits are theoretically possible, upgrading 
      is recommended.

    * Support for the fontconfig library, when available. When fontconfig is 
      available and gdFTUseFontConfig(1) has been invoked or the gdFTEX_FONTCONFIG 
      flag has been set for a particular call, fontconfig patterns can be used 
      to fetch the best available font. For instance, "arial:bold:italic" does 
      the right thing (or as close as the available fonts permit). Also, standard 
      PostScript font names can be mapped to an appropriate font by gdImageStringFTEx 
      and relatives. When fontconfig is available gdlib-config --features will 
      list the GD_FONTCONFIG feature. For more information about fontconfig, 
      see the fontconfig pages.

      The actual resolved font filename can be returned in the gdFTStringExtra 
      structure as the fontpath element if the gdFTEX_RETURNFONTPATHNAME flag 
      is set. Also, a vector of character position advances can be retrieved 
      if gdFTEX_XSHOW is set in the flags element. .afm files (font metrics) 
      are now used to adjust size calculations when available. When fontconfig 
      is not available, gd falls back to its usual behavior and requires a 
      specific font file name. One can still fetch fonts by filename when 
      gdFTUseFontConfig(1) is in effect, by setting the gdFTEX_FONTPATHNAME flag 
      in the flag element of the gdFTStringExtra structure. Thanks to Dag Lem 
      and John Ellson.

    * Additional freetype fixes: fixed width fonts are now the right size, 
      horizontal advance calculations now better match the PostScript equivalent, 
      and various compiler warning fixes. Also, a fix to the encoding table 
      selection in the was made, addressing a problem with latin1 font encodings. 
      Thanks to Dag Lem and John Ellson.

    * Improved tolerance when reading JPEG files containing some garbage as well 
      as valid image data.

    * Easier compilation on Windows: no errno.h in gd_gd2.c.

    * Support for creating optimized GIF animations has been added by Jaakko 
      Hyvätti. See gdImageGifAnimAdd, gdImageGifAnimAddCtx, gdImageGifAnimAddPtr, 
      gdImageGifAnimBegin, gdImageGifAnimBeginCtx, gdImageGifAnimBeginPtr, 
      gdImageGifAnimEnd, gdImageGifAnimEndCtx, and gdImageGifAnimEndPtr.

    * gdImageOpenPolygon has been added to allow consecutive line segments to be 
      drawn without connecting the end points to form a closed polygon. Thanks to 
      Jaakko Hyvätti.

    * Better alpha channel blending when the destination color contains an alpha 
      channel. Also, quicker handling of the most common cases. Thanks to Frank 


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