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Apache/PHP maintainership

An embarassingly long time I said I would like to produce Apache and PHP
packages and then nothing materialized.  I'm sorry that nothing ever
came out of it.

The fact is that the PHP build system and its many modules was more work
that I had imagined.  It's relatively easy to build a static PHP with
all modules working but it would requite a bazillion dependent packages
to be installed and the "right way" really is to have them as dynamic
loadable modules and seperate packages.  However, the time required to
get this all working and tested was too great, and the PHP build system
too convoluted and broken.  (Cygwin is not a supported platform by the
PHP people and the build system makes a great number of assumptions that
are true for *nix but not for Cygwin, e.g. .so vs .dll and so on.)

So, unfortunately I throw in the towel on this one.  I think I've posted
the patches to this list that I had made, which would be a starting
point if anyone else feels up to the task.  At the point where I
stopped, the PHP modules would at least all build as dynamic shared
modules but some of them would not load or would cause segfaults.  So,
there's still some work to be done there to find out why.


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