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Re: Setup: lesson learned and suggestion

Dameron, Gregg wrote:
Running setup.exe version 2.427 on Windows 2000.

When the option "Install from Local Directory" is selected, the screen titled
"Select Local Package Directory" prompts the user as follows:

Select a directory where you want Setup to store the installation files it
downloads. The directory will be created if it does not already exist.

The prompt didn't (doesn't) make sense in the context of a local directory
install. The first few times I ran it, I interpreted this prompt to mean
"select a directory where you want Setup to store the installation files it
_generates_". I took it to mean (1) Setup needed a place to write
installation log files; and (2) I would be prompted later for the directory
containing all the packages I downloaded (or else Setup had already found
them). Consequently, I gave Setup a path to a new directory and picked Next.
Setup died with the infamous Application Error dialog, stating:

    The instruction at "0x00485fbd" referenced memory at "0x00000000".
    The memory could not be "written".

[FYI - the setup logs showed nothing unusual, post-mortem. I did notice that
new (mostly empty) cygwin registry entries were created.]

A few false starts later, I figured out what Setup wanted; namely, the
directory where I had placed all the downloaded packages.  They installed
without incident.

My suggestion is twofold:  First, I'd change the prompt to make it more

Unfortunately, it's a bit of a pain to change this dependent on installation mode.

Anyone got a any good ideas how to phrase this so it will cater to both download and local modes?

Second, I'd handle an honest mistake (like mine) a bit
more gracefully.

Bug reproduced, thanks for the report.


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