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I think I finally have something ready for submission on the coreutils front. Do I get the couple of gold stars promised in

This release is marked as test for several reasons:
- My first attempt at packaging something this big
- coreutils changed since 5.2.1, so not all the cygwin-local patches applied cleanly (I may have caused regressions)
- Several programs have known bugs until cygwin 1.5.13 is released (nice, chgrp, chown, etc.). Thanks Corinna for the quick responses as I discover cygwin bugs
- pathchk regressed in behavior. In 5.2.1, `pathchk file/x' failed with a message that file is not a directory, but in 5.3.0 it silently succeeds. I don't know if this is worth patching locally or waiting for cygwin 1.5.13.
- New cygwin-local patch to df attempts to display more information about disk mounts. In particular, `df --local' and `df -T' are now more informative.
- I bundled coreutils kill as gkill, rather than omitting it altogether
- running `make -k check' depends on a CVS version of automake to get further than first failure (but this package is built using only the released cygwin versions of the autotools)
- I have not investigated any of the claimed regressions in nohup, such as

file	size	md5sum
	1960871	11201aa0da4392b470495a0a34a14362
	4540274	9dbda9a656afe9ff49ad63df6f92558e
(prev: 5.2.1-4, curr: 5.2.1-5, test: 5.3.0-1)
 	715	035dbed37f61544f14194a145bf056b5

gpg signatures available by appending .asc to above filenames

Someday, I might put a cute statement here.

Eric Blake

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