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Re: coreutils-5.3.0-1

On Jan 29 11:05, Eric Blake wrote:
> I think I finally have something ready for submission on the coreutils 
> front.  Do I get the couple of gold stars promised in 

Absolutely.  Igor, do you have a couple of them handy?

> This release is marked as test for several reasons:
> [...]
> - pathchk regressed in behavior. In 5.2.1, `pathchk file/x' failed with a 
> message that file is not a directory, but in 5.3.0 it silently succeeds.  I 
> don't know if this is worth patching locally or waiting for cygwin 1.5.13.

That's a Cygwin problem and will be fixed in 1.5.13, thanks to Pierre.

> - New cygwin-local patch to df attempts to display more information about 
> disk mounts.  In particular, `df --local' and `df -T' are now more 
> informative.


> - I bundled coreutils kill as gkill, rather than omitting it altogether

Oh boy.  Now we have *three* kills, kill from the Cygwin package, 
prockill from the procps package and gkill from the coreutils package.
Isn't that overkill?

> file	size	md5sum
> 	1960871	11201aa0da4392b470495a0a34a14362
> 	4540274	9dbda9a656afe9ff49ad63df6f92558e
> (prev: 5.2.1-4, curr: 5.2.1-5, test: 5.3.0-1)
>  	715	035dbed37f61544f14194a145bf056b5

Packaging looks good.  I've uploaded the package.  Please send an
announce posting to cygwin-announce.  Don't forget to include the
unsubscribe instructions in your announcement.

Please consider to put this package out of "test" in a couple of days.

Thanks again for taking overe maintainership.  That's worth every gold
star :-)


Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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