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Re: coreutils-5.3.0-1

On Jan 31 14:44, Reini Urban wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
> >On Jan 29 11:05, Eric Blake wrote:
> >>- I bundled coreutils kill as gkill, rather than omitting it altogether
> >
> >Oh boy.  Now we have *three* kills, kill from the Cygwin package, 
> >prockill from the procps package and gkill from the coreutils package.
> >Isn't that overkill?
> Several kill but still no killall.
> Or are you implying we'd need another package called overkill?
> I like pskill from sysinternals also, which is specialised in the
> signal 9.

I've managed to build a psmisc package containing fuser, killall and
pstree.  fuser only makes sense with 1.5.13, therefore I'll upload
it not before 1.5.13 has been released.

An overkill package would also be handy, perhaps.

  $ overkill --help
  Don't use.  If you use it, nobody will be able to help you anymore.
  Well, nobody will be available to help you.  Or better, nobody will
  be available.  No no, actually, nobody will be.


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