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Please Upload: ghostscript-8.50-1

Cygwin Uploaders:

This is the first ghostscript release from a new maintainer (James R.

Files for uploading are located at:

I have maintained the packaging approach of the previous maintainers, which is
basically "Method 1" per the website.  The only significant change I
made was to move the source patch out of the CYGWIN-PATCHES subdirectory in the
source tree, and move it into the top-level directory, to avoid problems with
the patch referring to itself.  At some point in the future it would be good to
move the ghostscript packaging to "Method 2".

I have used the unofficial version of upset at to
set up with the proper mirror structure
to allow installation and test of this new version using setup.exe.  Some very
basic testing following local installation reveals no issues.  I don't claim to
have tested this comprehensively, but it does seem to work properly, e.g., from
the command-line as well as with xfig and epstool.

In proper accordance with cygwin policy, the "setup.ini" and  "setup.bz2"
files, along with the "release" subdirectory, will be removed from

when I am notified the upload to is completed.  I have a release
announcement prepared which I will send to cygwin-announcements at that time.


Jim Phillips

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