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Re: CMake 2.4.6-1 ready

Bill Hoffman wrote:

> This is a problem!   I built it on a new machine and it did not have
> curses!  Good catch, thank you.  I have a question.  I rebuilt with
> ncurses installed.  If I run cygcheck on ccmake I get this:
> $ cygcheck.exe ./ccmake.exe
> .\ccmake.exe
>    C:\cygwin\bin\cygncurses-8.dll
> But, if I look at the packages I installed, I don't see a libncurses8.
> So, should the dependency remain libncurses7?

No, that would be quite wrong.  cygncurses-8.dll is provided by the
libncurses8 package.  If that's what the binary is linked against,
that's what you specify.

Normally, when you have multiple ABI versions of a library, as is the
case here with libncurses{5,6,7,8}, you only have one libncurses-devel,
which contains headers and import libraries for the most recent
version.  In other words, the {5,6,7} versions only exist to support
binaries compiled at some point in the past, but anything you compile
today will use libncurses8.  Now, the fact that you don't have
libncurses8 installed on your system seems to be a problem, but maybe
you just don't have any packages that need it installed yet.  Without it
I don't see how the ccmake you just built could even run.  But that's a
secondary issue.  The main point I'm trying to make is that you compiled
the app against a libncurses-devel that corresponds to the 8 version,
which means the package required at runtime must match, and so must the


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