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RE: Searching in setup.exe

On 06 February 2007 18:55, Phil Edwards wrote:

> This is initially a "how does one...?" question, but may also be a
> design/suggestion for setup.exe as per the rules of
> Here's the scenario:  having used cygcheck -p to locate the name of a
> package that I'd like to download, I find myself staring at
> setup.exe's collapsed tree view, wondering where the package is
> located.  Most of the time I know the partial name of the package, and
> in the cygcheck case I know the exact name.  But I still have to find
> the containing category in order to click on the known name.  Sometime
> it's obvious, sometimes it isn't.
> So my question:  does search.exe support some kind of "search package
> names" operation inside the GUI?  Skimming and googling over the
> archives of cygwin-apps turned up nothing.

  Oh c'mon....  you've read the docs, and it doesn't say so.  You've seen the
GUI, and there's no possible place for a search box, or menu.  How can you
still have to /ask/ someone?  Don't you have the slightest faith in your own
common sense?  Trust yourself a bit more!  Where could this search option
possibly /be/?  I know WJM, but we don't hide things that badly!

  Anyway, the quick solution to your problem is to switch to the "full" view,
at which point all the packages are displayed in alphabetical order and you
can trivially "search" by just scrolling down until you get to the packages
beginning with the same first letter.  It seems hardly worth going to the
trouble of writing a real search.  Still, your question does prompt two
more-easily implemented ideas:

1)  We could make the chooser respond to keypresses, like the way standard
win32 listboxes scroll the cursor down to the first item beginning with a
given letter when you type in them.
2)  We could make the output from cygcheck -p return the package category, as
well as the package name/path.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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