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Re: Searching in setup.exe

On 2/6/07, Dave Korn <> wrote:
  Oh c'mon....  you've read the docs, and it doesn't say so.  You've seen the
GUI, and there's no possible place for a search box, or menu.  How can you
still have to /ask/ someone?  Don't you have the slightest faith in your own
common sense?  Trust yourself a bit more!  Where could this search option
possibly /be/?  I know WJM, but we don't hide things that badly!

Consider it a deep-seated cynicism after years of working in software development and being constantly surprised by "innovations" in user interfaces. I have no faith that I can think of all possible ways of hiding things.

Anyway, the quick solution to your problem is to switch to the "full" view,

Ah, quite handy, thank you very much. I agree, it doesn't seem worth writing a "real" search, given this functionality.

2)  We could make the output from cygcheck -p return the package category, as
well as the package name/path.

That would be ideal, from this user's perspective.

thank again!

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