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Re: So *is* anyone thinking of adding support for some sort of dialog interaction for cygwin packages?

Christopher Faylor schrieb:
Igor mentioned that he had some ideas for adding some sort of
interactive support for cygwin packages so that they could ask questions
and interact during installation.

I think that recent events have shown that letting people know what they
are getting into before they install a package is something that we
really need.  So, if anyone is exploring some way of adding an interactive
"preinstall" capability to setup.exe, I think I can guarantee some gold

What I'd like to consider doing with gcc (and bash?) is checking the
version currently running on disk and warning people that what they are
doing will require some understanding on their part.

Barring any of that, maybe a really simple solution would be to add a
screen pointing people to the cygwin-announce archives.

Announce an upload before it is uploaded? I could live with that.

An upload with a setup.ini section for this screen would then point to the archive url.


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