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Re: So *is* anyone thinking of adding support for some sort of dialog interaction for cygwin packages?

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 01:30:36AM +0000, Dr. Frank Lee wrote:
>>Igor mentioned that he had some ideas for adding some sort of
>>interactive support for cygwin packages so that they could ask questions
>>and interact during installation.
>Can I, on behalf of everyone else who installs cygwin using wpkg 
>( - a system for managing software from a central 
>location without subscribing to Microsoft's Active Directory) put in a 
>plea for an option to disable interaction during install?
>I hacked together a patch for a "/p package1[,package2[,...]]" flag to 
>install package1,2 etc at install time for internal use which was 
>circulated some months ago - and rightly rejected for inclusion since the 
>coding style (I'm not a C/C++ programmer!) was terrible. I now feel it's a 
>good idea to raise the issue again - possibly requesting some help 
>regarding the 'right' way to do this with a view to getting the patch 
>accepted. Any volunteers to provide some assistance if I revisit this 
>patch and attempt to write it properly?

Please don't commandeer threads for your own purposes.

If you feel that this must be discussed, please start a new thread.


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